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Sms ExtraPro, Send and receive SMS's over the internet.
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Sms ExtraPro, the most complete SMS solution

The business and marketing solutions offered by SMS are virtually infinite. Whether you are responsible for a sports club, an association, a business or a society, Sms ExtraPro allows you to send invitations, promotional offers, order confirmations or any other message to your members at the lowest price on the market .

:: Application examples
 + Mobile Marketing
- Announce events by SMS
- Send money-off vouchers by SMS
- New product information

+ Communication
- Send business information
- Information to club members
- Information for communities

+ Revenue generation
- Chat by SMS
- Competitions by SMS
- Micro payment by SMS
- Applications for radio

. . :: News
[18.04.2014] - UPGRADE SMS ExtraPro
We have been working on a an upgrade for the website SMS ExtraPro: our database has been rebuilt, the website was reprogrammed in PHP5 en the old servers have been replaced with new hardware. A more scalable, more secure and more stable website is the result of these efforts. SMS ExtraPro is now built and ready for future updates.

[01.07.2007] - Hire contacts
You can now send promotional messages to 105 000 SMS.BE members. You can target recipients by age, sex and post code.

[01.12.2005] - LONG SMS
With this function, you can draft messages that are more than 160 characters long. If the recipient’s mobile is compatible, it will receive one long SMS. If not, it will receive several SMS messages.

[23.11.2005] - Number Check
This exclusive function allows you to check the validity of a mobile number. So you can limit the number of errors and this avoids pointless costs. Number Check is also accessible via HTTP requests.


- Very rapid delivery
- Proof of receipt
- Global coverage
- Low cost
- SMS Gateway
- Mail 2 SMS


- Dedicated Short Code
- Sharde Short Codes
- SMS on-line reception
- Revenue generation
- SMS Gateway
- Chat by SMS
- Manage competitions

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