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About us

ProduLine, agence de communication spécialisée dans le SMS marketing. ProduLine, a communications agency, has been developing SMS solutions since 2001. Internal communications with employees, business delegates, staff,… and mobile marketing (publicity by SMS, SMS competitions, interactive SMS chats,…).

ProduLine’s 6 years’ experience in such a competitive and innovative a sector as SMS technology enables us to provide the best advice to our clients so that their SMS strategy is as effective as possible and provides the best return.

In order to provide services that are always innovative and of high performance and always at the lowest rates in Belgium, ProduLine works with high quality national and international partners with technical competencies as well as particularly advanced internal operations.

ProduLine also has direct links with the 3 Belgian operators: Proximus, Mobistar and Base, and also has connections with numerous foreign operators in Europe and throughout the whole world, enabling them to provide global coverage.

ProduLine’s aim is quite clearly to provide you with full SMS power at a reduced cost!