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SMS Reverse Billing

SMS is the perfect channel for supplying information or services in real time.

With SMS PREMIUM (SMS REVERSE BILLING), you can offer a wide target audience added value services or 'information while generating revenue’.


When you use this PREMIUM service, SMS messages sent or received by or from mobile phone users are invoiced (between 0.15 euros and 4 euro) per SMS.

So your account is credited with commission which enables you to send SMS messages, or to claim the profit generated by bank transfer.

The most up-to-date applications are:

  • CHAT by SMS (meetings, client services,...)
  • Competitions by SMS
  • Access to a website by sending a code by SMS (micro payment).
  • Information on demand (weather, horoscope, speed cameras,...)
  • Logos, ringtones,...
  • etc.
ProduLine has direct connections to the Belgian operators, enabling us to offer the full range of SMS services available. The PREMIUM services are also available in France and in most other countries.