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Sms ExtraPro, Send and receive SMS's over the internet.
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Receive SMS

With Sms ExtraPro, it’s easy to receive SMS messages on the internet.

Whether it’s a normal or PREMIUM SMS message(over invoiced by the operator), you can deal with messages received directly from the web interface or receive them by HTTP so that you can process them in your own application and, if necessary, respond to messages via the module gateway.


  • Automatic response when a message is received (for example to confirm entry in a competition).
  • Add senders to your contacts list to send to them later.
  • Send targeted responses to one or several senders (for example sorted by type).
  • Transfer messages received to your e-mail address.
  • Transfer messages received to the URL of your choice in different formats.
  • Sponsor key words on a premium or non-premium rate number.